Retirement Workshops – Creating Your Retirement

Join our Certified Retirement Coach for a one-day Creating Your Retirement workshop. Retirement is a time for all of us to discover our passion and live our dreams by creating a retirement lifestyle that is uniquely ours.

The Creating Your Retirement”workshop will enhance your understanding about the concepts of change and transition and their implications on making decisions in retirement, help you to re-discover and confirm your values, interests and passions, teach you the 15 factors of a successful retirement in the six key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Family and Relationships, Leisure, Life Purpose and Meaning, and Personal Development, and help you to broaden your appreciation of your readiness and preparedness for retirement so you can create the steps required to have a successful retirement and meet your unique needs. 

Creating Your Retirement Flyer PDF

Participant Quotes:


Eliana Genda

The “Interview Strategies and Techniques” course was really helpful for me to succeed and get a job I really wanted. Valuable pieces of advice helped me remain calm and be attentive to what really matters in a job interview. I highly recommend the course for those who want to increase their chances of getting a good job.

Eliana Genda