Retirement Transition Course

Creating Your Retirement

Choosing to take a retirement transition course can be one of the most important decisions a person will make. Research shows that many people venture into retirement without much reflection or planning required to get themselves started off the on the right foot.

Hence, Career Vitality Services are now offering an online version of our popular “Creating Your Retirement” course for people who are unable to attend one of our many workshops and seminars.

This new offering will provide you with an opportunity to better understand key elements of a successful retirement, and  as a result, develop an action plan that will set you up to make a successful retirement transition.

Course Module Overview

  1. Beginning Your Retirement Journey
  2. Career and Retirement
  3. Creating Optimal Health and Wellness in Retirement
  4. Family and Relationships:The Power of Being Connected
  5. Leisure and Social Arena:What to Do Once I Am Retired?
  6. Purpose and Meaning:Passion About People Places and Activities
  7. Personal Development
  8. Developing Your Retirement Action Plan

Above all, you can participate in the course in the comfort of your own home and, as a result, enhance your appreciation of your readiness and preparedness for retirement, so you can create a plan that will meet your unique retirement transition needs.

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