Health Major Retirement Issue for Calgary Boomers

Seventy per cent of  the 50-to-59 years of age Canadian Boomers, Royal Bank of Canada Retirement Myths and Realities Poll survey respondents are saying that  health is the major retirement issue they anticipate as retirees. Respondents also indicated that financial concerns come in second, with 57 per cent expecting changes to their income to be a challenge in retirement. The 2013 Retirement Myths and Realities Poll indicated that more men (73 per cent) than women (66 per cent) expressed health concerns,

So what does this all mean? For many years the popular focus of retirement in the media has been that preparing financially for retirement will create the retirement you want. Boomers facing retirement are well educated, socially mobile and are cognizant of making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.  Many of the people that our Certified Retirement Coaches work with at Career Vitality Services in Calgary Alberta consistently share  that the quality of their retirement life is very important and that more money means nothing if your quality of life is compromised by poor health as they age.

The challenge is for Canadians to make health care and living a healthy lifestyle a prioirty. A May 2013 report released by the Candian Heart and Stroke Foundtion identifies that many Boomers may be subjected to years of bad health unless they start acting now.

So how do we create a retirement lifestyle where our overall wellness and health are priority? Yes we must exercise, eat a healthy diet , get enough sleep and manage our stress effectively but on a deeper level we must develop the skill to be objective when it comes to measuring our health as we age. This health awareness will be important for us to play an active role in our own health care decisions including;

  •  Being realistic about our health concerns
  •  Viewing our health as it is today not yesterday
  • Acceptance of health related issues is part of life and our optimal wellness
  • Actively seeking out medical attention when necessary

In doing so we also suggest four steps to health care that will be important to incorporate into a healthy retirement lifestyle;

  • Assertiveness: Being able to clearly state what you need and want to create optimal health and then taking action to make it happen
  • Establish Priorities: Making healthy choices a priority in living your healthy lifestyle.
  • Relaxed Lifestyle: Living in the moment frees us from thinking that we are not doing enough to be able to enjoy the relaxation and leisure time we have.
  • Discomfort: Developing a new attitude about discomfort where your discomfort from pain does not immobilize your retirement lifestyle.

Following these four steps as well as embracing the activities, people and being in the place that you want to be will help you will go a long way to creating a healthy lifestyle that is filled with the vitality required to live your life with zest and energy.

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