Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match! Encore Careers and Retirement are an interesting combination of terms because many of us don’t really think much about what work provides us until we find ourselves no longer working. This is certainly true for both individuals experiencing job loss through being laid off or after being terminated from their work and for individuals stepping into the next stage of the lives when they are retiring. Most people benefit from work in different ways such status, socialization, sense of purpose and meaning, time management and of course how could we forget to make…

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What is Retirement?

Purpose and Meaning in Retirement! The two terms I spend a great deal of time discussing in my practice at Career Vitality Services are purpose and meaning. I find this curious because as a child and young man I never really gave much thought to both the definition and connection of these two terms but now as a fifty four- year old and a Career and Retirement Coach they seem to have an ever increasing importance to both me and the people I serve. Now this is not a new realization for me as…

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What Happens After Retirement?

Retirement Transition Planning Essential to Enjoy Retirement Years Think about it, in 2011 the very first Baby Boomers, those people born between 1946 and 1964 turned 65 and begun the trek into retirement for largest generational cohort in history of mankind. Current research from Statistics Canada tells us that the average age that Boomers are retiring in Calgary and the rest of Canada is 62 and that paired with today’s health conscious approach and modern advances in medicine and technology many boomers could be still be “living large” in retirement up to thirty years…

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