Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match! Encore Careers and Retirement are an interesting combination of terms because many of us don’t really think much about what work provides us until we find ourselves no longer working. This is certainly true for both individuals experiencing job loss through being laid off or after being terminated from their work and for individuals stepping into the next stage of the lives when they are retiring. Most people benefit from work in different ways such status, socialization, sense of purpose and meaning, time management and of course how could we forget to make…

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Retirement Transition

  How to Retire: Who you are? Vs. What you do? One of the most difficult things for anyone to do as they are preparing for retirement is to start looking at their world with a much broader lens than just work. Now having said that, this is not necessarily the case for everyone in Calgary as some people have the whole work thing in check and really work to make money to enjoy the things that are really important to them. The first question that usually comes out when you meet someone for the first time is what you…

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