The Boomer Revolution

CBC Doc Zone Presentation-The Boomer Revolution.


Planning For Your Retirement

Take a look at this trailer for a program The Boomer Revolution that was aired on CBC Doc Zone February 28th. Looks at the boomer generation from a perspective of their influence politically, economically and socially . The following is an exerpt is from the promotional material sent out prior to its airing

In the 60’s, baby boomers changed the world. In their 60s, they just may do it again.Once known as the generation that questioned authority, raised its consciousness, and dropped out of the mainstream, the baby boom generation now IS the mainstream. Boomers make up 30% of the Canadian population – more than 10 million people altogether, most in their 50s and 60s.  That means we’re in for another big shift: the largest, wealthiest generation in our history is hitting what used to be called “The Golden Years”… at the same time that life expectancy has gone up, by more than thirty years in the last century.”

“What will all those baby boomers do with all those extra years?  “

“Aging and retirement will never be the same again. ”

The archived program can be found at CBC Doc Zone -Boomer Revolution. Enjoy!