Career & Retirement Workshops, Seminars Calgary

Career Vitality Services offer a wide variety of leading edge and insightful career and retirement workshops, seminars  to both individuals and organizations. As a result, our services integrate our knowledge, professional experience, and current research to provide a learning experience that will enhance both your knowledge and skills and encourage you to effectively embrace and celebrate a successful transition.


Career Transition Workshops

Career Vitality Services offer a variety of high quality customized half -day, full day and two-day career transition workshops to help support you through the very complex stage of career transition.

Our workshop offerings include;

  • Career Planning
  • Have a Degree, Now What? Career Planning for New Graduates
  • Navigating Returning to Work.
  • Successful Job Search Strategies
  • Writing Dynamic  Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • Interview Strategies and Techniques

All workshops can be taken individually or as a compliment to one of our one-to one career coaching services.

Creating Your Retirement

Join our Certified Retirement Coach for a one-day  “Creating Your Retirement” workshop in Calgary. Retirement is a time for all of us to discover our passion and live our dreams by creating a retirement lifestyle that is uniquely ours. The “Creating Your Retirement workshop will enhance your understanding about the concepts of change and transition and their implications on making decisions in retirement and, as s a result, re-discover and confirm your values, interests and passions,  You will learn the key  elements retirement transition planning that will  help you to broaden your appreciation of your readiness and preparedness for retirement so you can create the steps required to have a successful retirement and meet your unique needs.

Topics Include:

  1. Life Identity
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Social Connectedness
  4. Leisure and Social
  5. Purpose and Meaning
  6. Personal Development
  7. Retirement Careers
  8. Developing Your Retirement Action Plan

Retirement Transition Workshops for Employers & Employees

Career Vitality Services offers customized two-day Retirement Transition Workshops for Employers and Employees out of recognition that the issues employees face upon retirement are much more complex than finances alone.

Retirement transition can be a time of uncertainty and mixed emotions and Employers who provide added value supports to Employees such as Retirement Planning Workshops demonstrate their interest in the future of their mature workers and  employees view this kind of training opportunity as a valuable benefit of employment.

Career Vitality Services workshops are facilitated by a Certified Retirement Coach and are designed for both individuals and couples who are contemplating retirement. The workshops cover the key elements of retirement transition planning and provide participants with an excellent opportunity to create an awareness of the factors of a successful retirement and share their ideas and expectations for retirement in the creation of their own unique retirement plan for living the retirement lifestyle of their dreams.


Encore Career Creating a second Act with Purpose and Passion

Career Vitality Services are pleased to offer our new course offering in conjunction with the University of Calgarys Continuing Education Department. The next course will be offered for four consecutive Wednesdays between 6-9 p.m. each evening,. 

“Encore Career; Creating a Second Act with Purpose and Passion”  is twelve-hour course that explores the exciting phenomenon of  an Encore Career. The course will be of particular interest to the 50 plus boomer crowd who are looking to create a new pre or post retirement career that sparks their passion and provides them with an opportunity to share the skills qualities and gifts they have developed during their working years for the greater benefit of the communities in which they live!

Upon Successful completion of the course you will be able to;

  • Defining what an Encore Career is , as well as its importance to individuals, communities and the economy.
  • Recognize the signs that you are ready to pursue an encore career.
  • Identify your skills qualities and gifts that can successfully translate to your new career.
  • Define the “Essential Five Factors” of a creating a successful Encore Career.
  • Learn how to effectively network your way to an Encore Career.
  • Gain knowledge about the top employment sectors ready for Encore Career success.
  • Begin Developing your own “Encore Career” plan

 Customer Testimonials

“Many thanks for an excellent abbreviated workshop, Brian! You really are a born teacher and coach! You provided me with lots to think about – namely, saying “No” to those who would suck my time up, preventing me from doing what I really want to do!”

“Thank you, Brian, for the intimate workshop. In what could easily cover several days, Brian presented and addressed the questions/concerns/fears we all have about the process of retirement. Brian is very skilled at relating to each person and the specifics of their queries. Thank you for a great workshop!”

“The workshop was really helpful for my interviews, after practicing the behavioral interview questions technique I felt more confident and very well prepared”-Maria Loaiza

“The “Interview Strategies and Techniques” course was really helpful for me to succeed and get a job I really wanted. Valuable pieces of advice helped me remain calm and be attentive to what really matters in a job interview. I highly recommend the course for those who want to increase their chances of getting a good job.” – Eliana Genda