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Top 5 Considerations for Career Change in Calgary


5 tips to career change in calgaryI was recently enjoying a rare day off by sitting and reading the paper at the “Purple Perk” which is one of my favorite coffee houses in Calgary  I was thinking about career change when the Beatles song “No Where Man” started playing on radio. Lennon’s haunting voice singing “He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.” started me thinking about how important it is to have a plan and more specifically a career plan that you are passionate about following. On that note, here are the top five things to consider for career change.

1. Dare to dream!

Enough said! If you can dream it you can find a way to make your career change of your dreams happen. Listen to your heart and get started!

2. Listen to yourself!

Take time to reflect who you really are and what is important to you. Skills are important in terms of career change but the real meat and potatoes of who we all are is our values and interests and what gives us purpose and meaning in our lives. Get in touch with the authentic you via self- reflection, storytelling, and  journaling. The secret is to be consistent and honest

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3. Consider Other Point of Views 

We do not live in a vacuum so it is important to listen to the people that are important to you; partners, family and confidents and close friends. You don’t have to follow their advice but these outside opinions offer you a counterpoint to the “food “created through your introspection. This balance will help you make the best decision for you.

4. Try On The Suit!

Most people don’t buy clothes unless they first try them on to see if the “suit fits” and choosing a career is no different. It is one thing to think about a career direction but just as import is to try it before you make your decision. This can be done through research, informational interviews, volunteering, taking a course or even working at job in your field of choice. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take advantage of opportunities to learn more about your career choice.

5. Career Change Requires An Open Mind!

An open mind creates more possibilities. Sometimes we travel down one road thinking that we want to end up in a specific career area and then other more appealing possibilities materialize.

Statistics show that most people in Calgary will have 14 different careers by the time they are 38. There is a great line in the movie “We Bought a Zoo” which I think is worth considering. Matt Damon’s character says “All you really need is thirty seconds of insane courage and you can make amazing things happen” The point here is for you not to be afraid to change if something truly resonates with you and you have taken the other steps on our list. Career coaching will help you take the leap and find a career change that you are passionate about!

If you are passionate about finding a career change that will work best for you call Career Vitality Services at (403)978-9134 to enquire about our  individualized career coaching services or about one of our many career planning workshops offered in Calgary.



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