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The Power of Labour Market Information!

The value of Labour Market Information(LMI) for a people looking for work or changing careers in Calgary is immense and the process of gaining this information starts with the following three questions.

  • What Is Labour Market Information?
  • What Is The Value of Labour Market Information?
  •  Where Do I Access Labour Market Information?

One of the best sources of information to answer these simple questions about the complex and sometimes confusing world of Labour Market Information is a free publication offered by Alberta Employment and Immigration entitled  “Making Sense Of Labour Market Information

Government of Alberta Publication:
“Making Sense of Labour Market Information”(Source: Alberta Employment and Immigration)

In a nutshell, Labour Market Information is information that you require to make decisions in planning your career, making occupational choices, and determining the educational and training requirements needed  to make your new career a reality. It can also provide you with information about the current employment market and industry outlooks as well as offer a forecasts about general and specific industry trends for the future. The primary value of this information is that it provides you with the power to make informed and thoughtful choices about your future. The following are some, but not all of the sources you can find labour market information in Calgary.

1. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)  offer their Labour Market Information Bulletins on a quarterly basis The Labour Market Bulletin provides an analysis of the local labour market and an assessment of local employment-related events.  A second publication the Labour Market Monitor is a monthly report which also provides a summary of labour market news and events.

2. Alberta Learning and Information Service (A.L.I.S.)  is a one stop shop for a variety of different useful labour market information including such information as occupational profiles, career planning resources, wage surveys educational and training information.

3. Alberta Economic Development  offers a wealth of information on a variety of different industries, as well as information on current trade associations for each of these respective industries.

4. Calgary Public Library  is a great source of information and much of it can be found online. Much of this can be accessed  through their E- Library service from the comfort of your own home and computer and all you need is a Calgary Public Library Card. You can also do it the old fashion way by visiting the library and speaking to the many knowledgeable staff or take in one of their many presentations and events.

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5.  Daily and Periodic Newspapers are a great source of news, current information, and trends in regards to different industries, employment and career planning.  Start by accessing such great sources as the:

So there you have a glimpse at a few of the resources you can use to start your own journey into the world of Labour Market Information. Enjoy!

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