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Managing the Interview ProcessTen Things to Do During Your Interview

So you have finally decided on a new career direction have sent out several resumes and have secured a job interview. It is now time to prepare for the interview. This is often the point when people changing careers  fall short in successfully securing that dream job. Many people here in Calgary are not only looking to make a good impression with their potential employers but also attending interviews to decide if their employment suitors provide a good fit for their skills, talents and personal values. Workopolis is a great source of interview preparation information or even consider taking in a Interview Strategies and Techniques workshop offered by Career Vitality Services. Having said that they stil want to create a strong impression and here are the top ten things to do during your interview to ensure that you inspire your interviewer to have confidence that you are the right person for the job!


Interview Strategies and Techniques


1. A Great Handshake. You should have one? It say's that you are serious about your application for the the job

2. A Strategic “I Don’t Know”.  Don't lie or make up the answer because a seasoned interviewer will know that you are not being truthful. Instead say I Don’t Know.  An honest expression instead of you pretending that you know it all perhaps could be a starting point for a conversation and not a quick exit out the door. 

3. Pause Before You Answer. Sometimes everything is not on the tip of your tongue. And sometimes you aren’t able to anticipate every question in advance. So pause and think about it.

4. Grab a Chair. Without being too pushy, find the obvious or most obvious chair and grab a seat. Don’t ask if it is OK. Or hesitate. Just grab a seat.

5. Stay Still.  Excessive shifting or leg crossing does not signal strength. It signals “I’m not comfortable”. Stillness suggests focus and resilience and strength.  

6. Smile.  A smile gives the impression that you are relaxed and enjoying your interview. 

7. Ask Great Questions. Pick your spots without interupting the interviewer early on to create a conversation, in the middle to keep it going and at the end to ensure your knowledge of the company matches their understanding of you

 8. Use First Names. First name = equality. There are some exceptions to this, of course,but generally, it works.

9. Be Courteous and Say Hello. To others you meet in the hallway, in the restroom and in the cafeteria. You might even learn a little about the company’s culture based on the reaction you get. Be  courteous to the receptionist as many employers will ask the receptionist their first impression of you.

10. Tell Great Stories and Specific Examples. (i.e.remember your accomplishments and S.T.A.R. stories) A lot of people deliver vague answers. Great strories that are relevant to the position or the organization looking to hire you may be that extra step that inspires them to determine you are the best fit fir the job!


Interview Success


 If you are passionate about finding a career change that will work best for you and require some additional help to prepare for an upcoming job interview call Career Vitality Services at (403)978-9134 for your free initial consultation and to enquire about our  individualized career coaching services or about one of our many career transition planning workshops offered in Calgary.