Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

Encore Careers and Retirement are an interesting combination of terms because many of us don’t really think much about what work provides us until we find ourselves no longer working. This is certainly true for both individuals experiencing job loss through being laid off or after being terminated from their work and for individuals stepping into the next stage of the lives when they are retiring. Most people benefit from work in different ways such status, socialization, sense of purpose and meaning, time management and of course how could we forget to make money.

Encore Careers a term originally coined by Marc Freedman who created the San Francisco based non-for profit organization that encourages and supports people to take stock of the cumulative skills, qualities and experiences achieved through a lifetime of work and marrying them with specific community causes and organizations that resonate with their value base.

So, by now the relationship between retirement and the idea of encore careers seems to be a great fit for individuals inclined to desire work in their retirements. More than 4.5 million people between 50 and 70 are already working along such a path, according to a survey by Encore.org and another 21 million are about to join them.

Some of the types of industries that you may find potential for encore careers are education, social services and a whole host of non-for profit organizations. Many retirees are scratching their encore career itches by becoming entrepreneurs and starting social enterprises where they are based on a business model work toward meeting a greater social community need.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to create your own Encore Career please connect with us directly by telephone or email or have a look at the Encore Careers: Creating a Second Act with Purpose and Passion course we will be offering in conjunction with the University of Calgary Continuing Education Program beginning March 8

Brian Lambier is a career coach and the owner and operator of Career Vitality Services Inc located in Calgary, Alberta. We offer a comprehensive variety of career transition related services.