Planning for Retirement?


Are You Ready for Retirement?


Career Vitality Services is offering the “Preparing for Your Retirement” one- day workshop in Calgary on August 25th to help you define and achieve what you want out of retirement.

Retirement Transition or any type of transition for that matter is a time of self-reflection and honesty about what is important to us as individuals. Our traditional work day uses up one-third of our day that is if we are working the traditional 8 hour work day, add an additional 6-8 hours of your day for sleep and then add all of your other commitments outside of work and that doesn’t leave much time to do the things and spend time with the people that truly nurture your soul.  That truth is found in identifying what is important to us in the activities we do, the relationships we enjoy and the things we value and that provide us with a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Learn the factors of a successful retirement in the key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finances, Family and Relationships, Leisure, and Personal Development and create a retirement lifestyle that is right for you or individuals you are serving in your practice

Career Vitality Services Inc. facilitators prepare individuals and couples to successfully move through the retirement transition process.

You will learn about:

  •  Different models of retirement
  • Understand concepts of change and transition and their implications on making decisions in retirement.Re-discovering and confirm your values, interests and passions.
  • Learn the Factors of a Successful Retirement in the six key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finances, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Personal Development and how to incorporate them into your retirement plan.
  • Broaden your appreciation of your readiness and preparedness for retirement. 
  • Start to create the steps required to have a successful retirement and create a lifestyle that is right for you.



For more information and to register contact:

 Brian at or call (403) 978- 9134.