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Why Should Employers Invest in Pre-Retirement Workshops for Their Employees?

Career Vitality Pre-Retirement Workshops

RETIREMENT  is a major life decision that could potentially be the longest life stage and how it is planned will have profound impact on both individuals and their employers. Employees who are nearing retirement are often rather stressed and anxious as retirement can loom large within the psyches of people who have spent 30 plus years in the workforce. Employers may think that it is not their responsibility to care for their employees’ emotional well-being when they are long gone from your organization but organizations that are thoughtful about this time in their employees' lives understand that pre- retirement workshops not only support their employees to make decisions about leaving the workplace but also encourages employees considering retirement to consider how they can continue to incorporate work into  their retirement lifestyle.

The following are 5 great reasons why it is in the employers best interest to invest in Pre-Retirement workshops that will help their employees plan for retirement.

1. Provides added value to your current employee benefit package and impacts how that benefit package is utilized by employees. The mere thought of retirement can provoke a great deal of anxiety for many of your employees, which, consequently, affects the quality of their work. We all know that stress not only affects employees’ emotional well- being but also, it can actually take a toll on their healthSICK DAYS COST YOU MONEY in lost productivity, absenteeism and health insurance claims.

2. Retains valued employees past the traditional retirement age. Many people are opting to continue working past the traditional retirement age and in turn looking for partnerships with their employers to develop a modified and phased retirement work schedules that create to a WIN-WIN situation for both themselves and their employer. Modified work schedules benefit organizations in that they create a specific plan with a focus to ensure a seamless transition to allow time for training and development of younger employees,  provides access to  SPECIALIZED SKILLS for short term projects, and prepares the organization and customers for the impending change. Mostly, the mature employee gets to continue working at a schedule and pace they are able to incorporate with in their retirement lifestyle and the employer has an opportunity to retain valued employees that continue to CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY to the organizational culture and the bottom line.

3. Creates an organizational culture where employees feel that they are  valued and treated with dignity and respect and has a direct correlation to INCREASED employee MORALE and SATISFACTION

4. Benefits organizations in the transfer of company history and knowledge for succession planning and mentorship initiatives as well as, skill enhancement and development for the younger generation of employees.This has a direct impact on internal leadership development , mentorship and career planning initiatives for employees of all ages. 

5. Invests in people, therefore Investing in pre-retirement seminars promotes a good public image as it is EXCEPTIONAL MARKETING to the world outside the company on what a great place this is to work and do business with which will pay dividends in the ATTRACTION OF TALENTED EMPLOYEES AND NEW CUSTOMERS.

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