Retirement Transition Workshop


Planning For Your Retirement


Planning For Your Retirement?

August 25 ,2012 (Registration Deadline: August 22,2012 )

Are you ready for your retirement? Career Vitality Services is offering a informative and fun one- day workshop in Calgary.  

Retirement Transition or any type of transition for that matter is a time of self-reflection and honesty about what is important to us as individuals. Our traditional work day uses up one-third of our day that is if we are working the traditional 8 hour work day, add an additional 6-8 hours of your day for sleep and then add all of your other commitments outside of work and that doesn’t leave much time to do the things and spend time with the people that truly nurture your soul.  That truth is found in identifying what is important to us in the activities we do, the relationships we enjoy and the things we value and that provide us with a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Learn the 15 factors of a successful retirement in the key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finances, Family and Relationships, Leisure, and Personal Development and create a retirement lifestyle that is right for you.

Participant Quotes;

"Just want to say "thank you" for your Understanding Retirement" class, Brian.  It has opened up all sorts of possibilities. I am now thinking of options and choices, and viewing the transition to "retirement" with new eyes!!"  –Joanne McKay, BSW Family Mediator 

"I recently took a course on retirement from Brian – it was very interesting, timely and thought provoking!"- Claude Williamson


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