What Happens After Retirement?

Retirement Transition Planning Essential

to Enjoy Retirement Years

Creating Your Retirement

Think about it, in 2011 the very first Baby Boomers, those people born between 1946 and 1964 turned 65 and begun the trek into retirement for largest generational cohort in history of mankind. Current research from Statistics Canada tells us that the average age that Boomers are retiring in Calgary and the rest of Canada is 62 and that paired with today’s health conscious approach and modern advances in medicine and technology many boomers could be still be “living large” in retirement up to thirty years after the day they walk away from the work place. That would make their retirement years the longest stage of their lives and that presents the challenge for retirees to consider and effectively plan for their lives once they venture into retirement.


The fact is that most people spend more time planning their vacation each year than they invest in planning their lives during their retirement years. The traditional “old” view of retirement was a time of rest and relaxation and a “can’t wait” attitude to escape from having to work. Certainly this attitude still exists with some aspiring retirees but most Boomers that are retiring now are not only financially secure but are looking to create retirement lifestyle that is filled with relationships and activities that spark their passion and give their lives meaning. For many many Canadians that means a continuation of their work life and yes Many Canadiens Expect to Work Past the Official Retirement Age.

Career Vitality Services Helps you Create Your Retirement

For those wanting to not continue working many boomers will experience some challenge developing something meaningful to replace the void created by not working once they finally hand in the keys to their office and hit the golf course. Many people have planned financially but will still have difficulty making that transition successfully by developing a foundation of self -awareness of who they are and define the relationships and activities that create a congruency between their values, interests, passions and personality. “Retirement is an open door to reinvention and living your dreams provided that you prepare properly, otherwise retirement can become a time that lacks the necessary substance and purpose that are required to provide a retiree’s life with meaning.

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