Why Preparing Emotionally For Retirement is Important?

Please have a read of the following article entitled Why preparing emotionally for retirement is just as important as having a financial plan – Macleans.ca, written by Linda Besner for Maclean’s Magazine. Thanks to Linda for providing me with an opportunity to share my thoughts on this very important retirement topic. #retirement #preparingforretirement #retirementidentity #CareerVitality #BrianLambier

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How to Transition Successfully into Your Retirement

Creating a smooth transition from career to your retirement lifestyle may often lead to unexpected challenges, and feelings of uncertainty . I recently had the pleasure of speaking with journalist Karen Durrie for her Postmedia article. The key to a successful transition to retirement is to plan ahead | Calgary Herald Happy reading! For more information about our retirement transition services https://careervitality.ca/retirement-transition-calgary/

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Seasons Greetings!

From all of us at Career Vitality Services have a peaceful and magical holiday season, and a prosperous new year in 2022 😊

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Career Vitality Services Inc. COVID-19 Response

Career Vitality Services Inc., in response to the COVID-19 virus and to safeguard the health and safety of our clients and community partners, will not be offering direct person to person services while social distancing efforts exist in our community.

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Self-Identity in Retirement: What will you do when you retire?

Join us March 28th our Self-Identity in Retirement Seminar

Course Description The reality of getting up each morning and not going to work is both a joy and a concern for many people considering retirement. In this short course we will discuss self-identity in retirement, retirement transition readiness, as well as what you will do in retirement once you transition from your pre-retirement career. You will leave with an informed personal action plan that will get you started on your retirement lifestyle journey. Course Details By completion of the course, successful students will be able to: Broaden your appreciation of your pre-retirement selfidentityDefine roadblocks and key determinants necessary for…

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Returning to Work: Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult!

Returning to Work: Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult!       Returning to work doesn’t need to be difficult. Many people are returning to work after extended periods of absence from the workforce due to employment termination, being laid-off or due to a voluntary decision to raise a family, return to school, travel or to take sometime to reset before they move forward in their careers.  To that end, we will look at some of the challenges you may experience as you make the decision to move forward and on the flip side what can be done while away from…

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Professional Roles and Ethics for Career Practitioners Course

Career counselling and coaching

Professional Roles and Ethics for Career Practitioners Dates: February 12 – March 12, 2019 Course Description: The primary focus of this course is to broaden the awareness of the types and functions of career services being offered by Settlement Agencies, as well as the roles, knowledge, skills, and competencies of Career Practitioners working in the settlement sector.  

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

Encore Careers and Retirement, retirement transition ,Calgary , Creating your Retirement, retirement transition, retirement coaching, retirement workshops, retirement seminars, retirement transition courses

Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match! Encore Careers and Retirement are an interesting combination of terms because many of us don’t really think much about what work provides us until we find ourselves no longer working. This is certainly true for both individuals experiencing job loss through being laid off or after being terminated from their work and for individuals stepping into the next stage of the lives when they are retiring. Most people benefit from work in different ways such status, socialization, sense of purpose and meaning, time management and of course how could we forget to make…

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