Career Vitality Services Inc. COVID-19 Response

Career Vitality Services Inc., in response to the COVID-19 virus and to safeguard the health and safety of our clients and community partners, will not be offering direct person to person services while social distancing efforts exist in our community.

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How to Transition Successfully into Your Retirement

Brian Lambier Career Vitality Services

Creating a smooth transition from career to your retirement lifestyle may often lead to unexpected challenges, and feelings of uncertainty . I recently had the pleasure of speaking with journalist Karen Durrie for her Postmedia article. The key to a successful transition to retirement is to plan ahead | Calgary Herald Happy reading! For more information about our retirement transition services

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Self-Identity in Retirement: What will you do when you retire?

Join us March 28th our Self-Identity in Retirement Seminar

Course Description The reality of getting up each morning and not going to work is both a joy and a concern for many people considering retirement. In this short course we will discuss self-identity in retirement, retirement transition readiness, as well as what you will do in retirement once you transition from your pre-retirement career. You will leave with an informed personal action plan that will get you started on your retirement lifestyle journey. Course Details By completion of the course, successful students will be able to: Broaden your appreciation of your pre-retirement selfidentityDefine roadblocks and key determinants necessary for…

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match!

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Encore Careers and Retirement: The Perfect Match! Encore Careers and Retirement are an interesting combination of terms because many of us don’t really think much about what work provides us until we find ourselves no longer working. This is certainly true for both individuals experiencing job loss through being laid off or after being terminated from their work and for individuals stepping into the next stage of the lives when they are retiring. Most people benefit from work in different ways such status, socialization, sense of purpose and meaning, time management and of course how could we forget to make…

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Career Vitality & Retirement Options Coaching in Calgary

Career Vitality Services provides retirement coaching and workshops for individuals and organizations looking for support with their non financial retirement planning. All of our retirement coaches are certified through the Retirement Options Program and are certified to use both the Retirement Success Profile and Life Options Profile. Please see the following article recently in the Wall Street Journal regarding the Retirement Options programs we presently offer at Career Vitality Services Inc. Retirement Options Interviewed on the Value of Retirement Coaching for Wall Street Journal Article Chapel Hill, NC (PRWEB)September 10, 2014 Retirement Options, the leading global provider of retirement coach…

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Health Major Retirement Issue for Calgary Boomers

Seventy per cent of  the 50-to-59 years of age Canadian Boomers, Royal Bank of Canada Retirement Myths and Realities Poll survey respondents are saying that  health is the major retirement issue they anticipate as retirees. Respondents also indicated that financial concerns come in second, with 57 per cent expecting changes to their income to be a challenge in retirement. The 2013 Retirement Myths and Realities Poll indicated that more men (73 per cent) than women (66 per cent) expressed health concerns, So what does this all mean? For many years…

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The New Retirement

The New Retirement Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 09:27 AM by Janice – 0 Comment(s) Brian Lambier, Career Vitality Services Popular presenter Brian Lambier will be at the Crowfoot Library on Wednesday, March 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. talking about new and traditional models of retirement. In his retirement transition workshops, Brian has found people’s concerns tend to fall under the following common themes: How do I move from deriving a great deal of my personal identity from “what I do” to “who I am?” I want to continue to work after I retire from my present job. What work…

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The Boomer Revolution

CBC Doc Zone Presentation-The Boomer Revolution.   Take a look at this trailer for a program The Boomer Revolution that was aired on CBC Doc Zone February 28th. Looks at the boomer generation from a perspective of their influence politically, economically and socially . The following is an exerpt is from the promotional material sent out prior to its airing “In the 60’s, baby boomers changed the world. In their 60s, they just may do it again.Once known as the generation that questioned authority, raised its consciousness, and dropped out of the mainstream, the baby boom generation now…

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Retirement Reflection!

Questions to Consider about Retirement? Retirement as a stage in your life could last as long as thirty years versus traditional retirement 30 years ago when people often passed away more sooner than later after their retirement date. Thoughtfulness, reflection and planning about what you want your retirement to look like has become an essential step in creating the lifestyle that meets both your personal and financial needs.  One way to do so is  to  start reflecting by considering what you presently take from work. The following is a list of questions that I spoke with Dave and Linda Rutherford…

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