Successful Career Change!

  Take a look at this article from Helen Burnett-Nichols on planning asuccessful career change.   Planning a career change? By Helen Burnett-Nichols, July 24, 2012   Topics: Working life Comments (0) While some people are fortunate enough to find their true calling on their first try, for others, finding the job that best matches their strengths, skills and interests may call for a career change – or several as they search for it. Vancouver resident Fannie Smith made a successful change, with the help of careful planning. After working in…

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Happy Retirement!

  Preparing for Your Retirement     July 28,2012 (Registration Deadline: July 25th) Are you ready for your retirement? Career Vitality Services is offering a informative and fun one- day workshop in Calgary. Learn the 15 factors of a successful retirement in the key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finances, Family and Relationships, Leisure, and Personal Development and create a retirement lifestyle that is right for you. For more information contact Brian at (403)978-9134 or .     Participant Quotes; "Just want to say "thank you" for your Understanding Retirement" class, Brian.  It…

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Pre-Retirement Workshops in Calgary

  Why Should Employers Invest in Pre-Retirement Workshops for Their Employees? RETIREMENT  is a major life decision that could potentially be the longest life stage and how it is planned will have profound impact on both individuals and their employers. Employees who are nearing retirement are often rather stressed and anxious as retirement can loom large within the psyches of people who have spent 30 plus years in the workforce. Employers may think that it is not their responsibility to care for their employees’ emotional well-being when they are long gone from your organization…

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Career Workshops in Calgary

  Interview Strategies and Techniques Workshops Career Vitality Services Inc. is offering an Interview Strategies and Techniques workshop in June  “Wow” prospective employers during your interview with your knowledge, preparation and how your skills and abilities fit what they are looking for in a new hire!

Interview Strategies and Techniques
Learn how to;  Conduct labour market research about the industry and organization that will help you in the interview process. Understand the key words found in  job adverts that employers look for in successful candidates. Determine how  your skills match up with potential employment opportunities. Prepare for the…

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Retirement Transition

  How to Retire: Who you are? Vs. What you do? One of the most difficult things for anyone to do as they are preparing for retirement is to start looking at their world with a much broader lens than just work. Now having said that, this is not necessarily the case for everyone in Calgary as some people have the whole work thing in check and really work to make money to enjoy the things that are really important to them. The first question that usually comes out when you meet someone for the first time is what you…

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Changing Careers

  Managing the Interview Process: Ten Things to Do During Your Interview So you have finally decided on a new career direction have sent out several resumes and have secured a job interview. It is now time to prepare for the interview. This is often the point when people changing careers  fall short in successfully securing that dream job. Many people here in Calgary are not only looking to make a good impression with their potential employers but also attending interviews to decide if their employment suitors provide a good fit for their skills, talents and personal values. Workopolis…

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What Happens After Retirement?

Retirement Transition Planning Essential to Enjoy Retirement Years Think about it, in 2011 the very first Baby Boomers, those people born between 1946 and 1964 turned 65 and begun the trek into retirement for largest generational cohort in history of mankind. Current research from Statistics Canada tells us that the average age that Boomers are retiring in Calgary and the rest of Canada is 62 and that paired with today’s health conscious approach and modern advances in medicine and technology many boomers could be still be “living large” in retirement up to thirty years…

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How to Retire?

  Preparing for Your Retirement- June 2, 2012  Learn the factors of a successful retirement in the key areas of Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finances, Family and Relationships, Leisure, and Personal Development and create a retirement lifestyle that is right for you. Workshop Fee is $157 per person and bring your spouse or partner for an additional $115.This fee includes applicable GST taxes, a one- day workshop and materials. For more information contact Brian at View article

Career Coaching:Top 5 Career Change Tips

Top 5 Considerations for Career Change in Calgary   I was recently enjoying a rare day off by sitting and reading the paper at the “Purple Perk” which is one of my favorite coffee houses in Calgary  I was thinking about career change when the Beatles song “No Where Man” started playing on radio. Lennon’s haunting voice singing “He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.” started me thinking about how important it is to have a plan and more specifically a…

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